Artists’ creations can be inspired by many different experiences. Traveling to a foreign city, meeting a new person, undergoing illness or even facing political upheaval can provide ideas for new work. For Iraqi-American artist Vian Sora, inspiration comes from a mixed palette of life experiences.

She was born and raised in Baghdad and grew up with certain expectations as the oldest daughter and granddaughter of a Middle Eastern family. She witnessed displacement of loved ones and cultural tragedies during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Even her marriage to an American attorney resulted in change, moving her to Louisville in 2009, offering new insight for her work. Not only does Vian glean inspiration from others, she also inspires them. In February 2018, the Louisville Orchestra debuted a concert series inspired by her personal story and featuring her art. This engaging woman has given a boost to the art world globally — and locally. Meet this week’s FACE of Louisville, Vian Sora. Click here to read more.