The abject has often been used throughout art history to describe the horrors of bodily waste: excrement, mucus, menstrual blood, the wound. As a term, it means to cast out or down, and as a theory, it can be simplified

Artist Vian Sora Finds a Home in Abstraction This is part of why Vian Sora believes miracles happen: It was 2003, just after the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and Sora, a promising young artist who’d had successful shows in Baghdad,

Member Preview: Unbounded Domains In the latest exhibition review from Ruckus, contributor Jessica Oberdick examines Vian Sora's solo show, Unbounded Domains, currently on view at Moremen Gallery.

Moremen Gallery’s next show features the prolific artist and Iraqi native Vian Sora, whose fascinating past and life story is so engaging you’d be tempted to think it came from an Oscar-nominated drama.

Artists’ creations can be inspired by many different experiences. Traveling to a foreign city, meeting a new person, undergoing illness or even facing political upheaval can provide ideas for new work. For Iraqi-American artist Vian Sora, inspiration comes from a

In October of 2016 Teddy Abrams went to an art exhibit at the 1619 Flux Gallery. The sole artist in the exhibit “Displaced Narratives” was Vian Sora, a visual artist from Bagdad who now resides in Louisville. That is where