Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 - "Now Here", Quappi Projects, Louisville, KY

2016 - "Displaced Narratives", 1619 Flux, Louisville, KY

2015 - “Sacred Journeys‬”, Festival Of Faiths; Featured Artist, Actors Theater Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky.

2011 - "Escape Into Life", US Chamber Of Commerce, Washington DC 

2010 - "Between Two Worlds" The Green Building Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky

2008 - "Prophecy" Aspen Gallery & Dar el Cid Museum, Kuwait City, Kuwait

2007 - "Legacies: Babylon to Baghdad", Patio Gallery, Louisville, USA

2007 - "Legends of Baghdad ", Showcase Art gallery, Dubai, UAE

2007 - "Reflections: Istanbul to Baghdad", IMOGA Art Gallery and Museum of Graphic Art, Istanbul, Turkey

2006 - "Voyage into Arabia", Aspen Gallery, Dar el Cid Museum, Kuwait City, Kuwait

2006 - "Vian Sora: A Woman in Time", Iraq Museum International Exhibition,Boston, USA

2004 - "Longing to Past", Gallery Zamwa - Sulaymaniyah City, Iraq

2003 - "Vian Sora: Selected Works", Japanese Foundation Culture Center, Ankara, Turkey

2003 - "Neher, Sheher…Misafirat (River, City…Voyage)", The Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

2002 - "Periphrasis, Baghdad" Grundfos office Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq

2001 - "Pulses, Shapes and Sense of Time", Inaa Art Gallery , Baghdad , Iraq