On Friday and Saturday, February 2 & 3, 2018, the Louisville Orchestra presents a newly-commissioned work by Sebastian Chang titled “Between Heaven and Earth.” Created for the concert titled “War & Peace,” the work is based on the paintings of Iraqi artist Vian Sora and features orchestra and chorus. LO’s Director of Education Deanna Hoying interviewed the composer, the artist, and conductor Teddy Abrams about the conception and creation of the new work. Here is the full transcript of that conversation.

Our interview took place on a cold, rainy November afternoon at the home of artist Vian Sora. We were immediately greeted with the offer of coffee, tea, and cake as Vian explained she is from the Middle East and hospitality is everything! Her beautiful home is filled with her artwork and elements of her upbringing in Baghdad, Iraq. We had a chance to visit her basement studio where we got to see more of her work and meet her cat Lilou, who could not have been less interested in our presence other than we interrupted her nap. After a brief photo shoot, we all settled in her kitchen to discuss the “War and Peace” concerts including the new collaborative work Between Heaven and Earth, composed by Sebastian Chang and as Chang noted in the score “set to original oil paintings by Vian Sora.” Click here to read more.