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BAGHDAD, IRAQ.- Iraq Museum International presents new work by Vian Sora, an Iraqi artist who challenges the forces that separate Mesopotamia yesterday from Iraq today. The solo online exhibition entitled, "Vian Sora: A Woman In Time," just went on view, and marks the beginning of an initiative in community cultural development that is unique in the world of archaeological studies.

It is the first in a series at Iraq Museum International in which modern artists explore the cultural tragedies faced by Iraq since the fall of Baghdad in 2003. Lack of reconstruction funding for a cultural infrastructure in Iraq has led to cultural isolation, historical rootlessness, deteriorating community identity, erosion of cultural identity, destruction of human heritage, and lost knowledge.

Driven by creative urgency, artists such as Sora are developing new strategies to address uncommunicated cultural heritage. Series curator John Simmons calls it, "Contemporary art at the service of humankind."

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